Data protection declaration

  1. By voluntarily submitting my application for a position advertised by Pannonjob and/or by submitting my curriculum vitae (résumé) for inclusion in the Pannonjob Database, I automatically accept the terms of this data protection declaration, and I give my permission for my personal details (hereafter: Personal Data) to be processed by Pannonjob Kft. (Company register no.: 07-09-002337) (data processing includes, but is not restricted to, collection, storage, organisation, preservation, searching, extraction, combination, use and deletion of data), in order to make my Personal Data accessible to third parties who use my Personal Data for job seeking purposes (hereafter: Data Users).

  2. I acknowledge that inclusion of my Personal Data in the Database does not give me any proprietary rights over the Database, but I do have the right to ask Pannonjob to amend, supplement or update my Personal Data in the Database (by submitting a request to the e-mail address: or to ask for my Personal Data to be deleted from the Database (by submitting a request to

  3. I acknowledge that Pannonjob reserves the right to remove my Personal Data from the Database if Pannonjob has reason to believe, or if it is clear from the data itself, that the Personal Data I provided to the Database contains false information, or information that is incompatible with usual practices or with ethical standards.

  4. I acknowledge that by including my Personal Data in their Database, Pannonjob undertakes no obligation to guarantee a job for me or to put me in contact with other Data Users.

  5. I give my permission for Pannonjob to send me their regular e-newsletters, which include information on current positions vacant and other opportunities. I may unsubscribe from the newsletter by sending an e-mail to